Arc 1 : Chapter 4-3

Please point out any grammatical or spelling error you find Bran slowly surveyed the large living room. It was midnight. Fire swayed constantly, casting eerie shadows on Celek’s pensive face. They could hear the howl of winds outside. They were lucky that Celek knew this place. A night outside in this weather would have been … More Arc 1 : Chapter 4-3

Arc 1 : Chapter 4-2

A white world. It was all he could see. It was a fairy-tale world, child-like and funny. Boughs of trees adorned with thick pillows, so fluffy someone must have plumped them up; the ground a series of humps and mounds, beneath which slinking underbrush or outcrops of rock lay hidden; a landscape of crouching, cowering … More Arc 1 : Chapter 4-2

Arc 1: Chapter 4-1

I had some real life issues, so I couldn’t get much writing for the last couple of days, but things are back to normal now. Enjoy the chapter   Bran kept silent on the road. As more time passed after the earlier exertion, his body gradually got colder. The wind blowing from the sea didn’t … More Arc 1: Chapter 4-1

Arc 1: Chapter 3-3

Theodore stared dumbly at the window. After less than a second, he moved his finger toward it. Upon his touch, it immediately disappeared. He widened his eyes, and his hand made a sign. The window appeared again, just like the windows in Origin. It felt a bit surreal, to have such a window in his … More Arc 1: Chapter 3-3

Arc 1: Chapter 3-1

Theodore looked at the setting sun. Winter was coming, and days were getting progressively shorter. He had to prepare himself for the cold. Winter was a demon for Canadian people, especially since the global freezing the world knew some years ago, as the media would put it. His feet didn’t stop walking through the crowd … More Arc 1: Chapter 3-1

Arc 1: Chapter 2-3

“Healing isn’t working on him, no matter what I do” The knight showed a face of bewilderment for a moment. Bran widened his eyes, various thoughts racing through his head. Elea lifted her head from his chest and looked at the priest, taking some moments to gobble the situation. Sir Hadrin’s voice rang again: “What … More Arc 1: Chapter 2-3

Arc 1: Chapter 2-2

“While the horses are being prepared, want to have a spar with me?” Sir Hadrin was smiling. Bran thought for a moment. As long as he didn’t get any lasting damage, the spar would be very beneficial for him, no matter the outcome. Nobody in the surroundings could have an even fight with him, except … More Arc 1: Chapter 2-2