Arc 1: Chapter 2-3

“Healing isn’t working on him, no matter what I do” The knight showed a face of bewilderment for a moment. Bran widened his eyes, various thoughts racing through his head. Elea lifted her head from his chest and looked at the priest, taking some moments to gobble the situation. Sir Hadrin’s voice rang again: “What … More Arc 1: Chapter 2-3

Arc 1: Chapter 2-2

“While the horses are being prepared, want to have a spar with me?” Sir Hadrin was smiling. Bran thought for a moment. As long as he didn’t get any lasting damage, the spar would be very beneficial for him, no matter the outcome. Nobody in the surroundings could have an even fight with him, except … More Arc 1: Chapter 2-2

Arc 1 : Chapter 1

Born in the Cappard Sea, the wind blew east and crashed into the red-capped mountains that gave the land their name. Bran had set off in the very still silence of dawn, and now a sun without warmth was already high in the sky. Gusts plastered his shirt to his body, whipped his wool pants around his legs, streaming them out. Down it went, flailing into Terrowin, and into the small cliff overseeing it. The wind was carrying an icy chill, as summer was weeks ago gone. … More Arc 1 : Chapter 1

Arc 1 : Prologue

The morning had dawned again foggy and cold, with crispness that hinted at the end of summer. Grogg Cellos looked at his men, a small army of sixty. His soldiers were gaunt, with fatigue weighting on their limbs. A sigh escaped his lips. He was pushing them hard, felt bad for it, but couldn’t show … More Arc 1 : Prologue